„Art is a journey beyond

to a universe of magic and wonder.

At the same time it is a journey within

to reconnect with the pure essence of the soul.“

I am a visual development artist who has been trained at IDEA Academy Rome and SynStudio Montréal. My heart beats for games, and I love to tell stories through vibrant colors. By creating games that have meaning and depth I hope to support people on their journey through life and make their gaming experience fulfilling and inspiring. I believe that the adventures taken in the realms of fantasy and magic do eventually enrich the real lives of players and that we as creators have a great responsibility to transmit values and wisdom through our craft.


I cover characters, creatures, props and environments. If you want to work with me as an Illustrator please send me an inquiry with some information about your project to get a free quote. I can support you on your creative journey and give form to your ideas and dreams. Feel free to call me or drop a message if you have any questions or want to get to know me better!


I’m happy to hear from you!






+41 76 462 58 13


Anna Ramseier

Lindenstrasse 3

8305 Dietlikon



My Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design is an important part of my artistic development. It shaped my perception and served as a fundament for my following path as an artist. For an insight in my work as a product- and industrial designer please visit